Transformations of the Spirit

Health & Beauty, Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality | | January 29, 2007 at 23:10

victoria.jpgVictoria has created a center for spiritual research, teaching, learning, experiencing, sharing and all those warm and fuzzy feelings associated with the quest for more meaning in life than Las Vegas otherwise offers.

Transformations, a Healing Place is billed as “The Best Place in Town to Network and Meet New Friends” and it is certainly true if you want to meet a very selective kind of person. Classes in Reiki, yoga, spiritual healing, pain and weight management, numerology, feng shui are but a few of the selection offered.

Victoria, a beautiful woman herself, specializes in natural anti-aging techniques. The center has a retail store with all the necessary tools for cleansing of soul and body. Once a month is a vegan, uncooked, potluck dinner with some very tasty items leaving you feeling terribly healthy.

transformations-11.jpgCheck out the website: or call 702-252-3502. The center is located at 1725 S. Rainbow #25 (in a strip mall between Oakey and Charleston on the westside of Rainbow.)

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