Pet Pooch Purses for Your Valentine

Shopping | | February 5, 2007 at 17:45

Ok, tell me you haven’t seen those little purses that look just like small dogs carried on the arms of petite and chic, wanna-be French babes? What started in Paris as a practical substitute for a real live doggie in a sac seen in every Right Bank bistro, has reached Las Vegas and is being offered as the perfect “Oh Honey, I Love you” gift for Valentine’s Day. The best part is that Kiki, who is the cabaret singer at Josette’s Bistro, will personally deliver the gift-wrapped purse at no extra charge. And you can have a romantic French song with that delivery for only $25! Now I can’t see myself with one of these pooches, but I think I can see the allure, especially that romantic serenade part. Call Kiki at 702-466-2650 or check out the 18 breeds at