The Secret Revealed

The Secret | | February 5, 2007 at 13:56

There’s been this underground, semi-religious, semi-cult, semi-philosophical, semi-spiritual, semi-"let’s get rich" phenomenon taking place the last months based on a video/DVD circulating on the internet known as The Secret.

People are gathering friends in their living rooms to share the "good news" in a way that suggests the spread of early Christianity. Businesses are making it recommended, if not required, viewing for employees, especially those involved in sales.

The packaging is a cross between the Discovery Channel, the DaVinci code, and What the Bleep, but once you get past that, the message is mighty. The power lies in its hopefullness, in the sense of empowerment, in the idea that we lowly humans actually do have some control – in fact, if you believe The Secret – a great deal of control over the events and rewards, spiritual, physical, emotional and financial, we reap in this life. I personally am like Molder, "I want to believe." It is a very convincing point of view which seems quite conceivable, especially if you live in an affluent society not at war.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve shared this video, which is actually more like a series of interviews or testimonials with dramatization – funny, dramatic and quite awe-inspiring at times – with my kids and with my friends. I made my vision board. I’m reading some of the sources, including Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, written in 1937. This stuff just might work, so I might as well give it a shot. Oprah feels the same way, judging by her show Thursday Feb 8 when she featured a panel comprised of the creator of the film and four of it contributors. Oprah declared she has been living "The Secret" her whole life without, of course, actually knowing that it was a secret. It certainly seems to have worked well for her.

I’m going to go see/hear Dr. John DeMartini, who is so charmingly convincing in The Secret, at the Hilton on Friday Feb 9, 7:30-9:30. Tickets are $25 at the door and you are cautioned to arrive early as seating is limited. There is also "The Breakthrough Experience" on Sat/Sun Feb 10 & 11 which appears to be a seminar with Dr. DeMartini.

Pre-registration is required for the seminar: 1-800-DEMARTINI or No, I am not being paid to promote this event – or any other event, I might add. But as my goal in creating this blog is to share with all of you every little bit of action that I hear about and deem interesting, I am telling you now that this Secret stuff is big. You decide for yourself its value.

Latest news is that Dr. DeMartini is also speaking at the First Church of Religious Science, 1420 E. Harmon St on Feb 8 from 7-10 pm. Charge is $25.