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film.jpgSummer Film – indoors, outdoors, kids, family and adults, free and almost free.

Following is a list of articles I have posted about the various screenings this summer.

Free Films for Families & Adults
Screening of Local Filmmakers
Dam Short Film Society Screening

Here are more links for articles, especially on specific films:

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cinevegas4.JPGThe following are links to articles written about CineVegas 2007:
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CineVegas also sponsors Art House Screenings in the spring. CineVegas Art House Screenings

Clark County Library offers free films series with different themes, usually classic films, every Tuesday at 1pm. Clark Country Library Theatre 1401 E Flamingo Rd Las Vegas NV

Nevadans Organized to Better Address Diversity screen free films with international and cultural themes at the Clark Country Library Tuesday at 7:00 pm.
Clark Country Library Theatre 1401 E Flamingo Rd Las Vegas NV

films.jpgWinchester Community Center occasionally schedules film screenings, sometimes themed. Some films are free and some ask for $3 admission. They are currently sponsoring a local filmmakers series of full-length and shorts @ 2:30pm the last Sunday of the each month. Tickets are $3. Check their website for updates on other film series. Winchester Cultural Center 3130 S. McLeod Las Vegas NV



HIGHLY recommended: “The Inheritance” by Per Fly with Ulrich Thomseninheritance.jpg

Danish filmmaking has really come of age and considering that the entire population of this tiny country is less than San Francisco, it’s even more impressive that they turn out films of such high caliber as Per Fly’s The Inheritance. This is quite an incredible little film, done on such a slim budget, with so much realism and depth. The acting is superb, the camera-work innovative and deeply personal and the script spare, taut and intense. It is such breathtakingly natural work of art.

The “Making-of” commentary by actors and director is fascinating. Per Fly videotapes with two cameras equipped with telephoto lenses, so that the actors never know where the camera is, when they are “on camera,” certainly not whether they are in close-up. The camera is usually not in the same room. In addition, Fly is a great believer in improvisation; the actors rehearse the loosely defined scenes conceptually, with Fly incorporating into the script a dialogue which develops naturally from their improvisations.

How and why does a man choose between that which he loves and that which is his duty? This complex story is about changing course in your life when events dictate because you have the ability to do great things. The price of happiness is paid most reluctantly by resolutely redefining what happiness means. I was reminded of Michael Corleone when he chose to sit in the Godfather’s chair.

The genesis of the film was a line from Danish Queen Margrethe annual New Year’s Eve Speech when she reminded her countrymen that “not everyone can live the life they wish or dream of. Sometimes, we have to learn to love that which we must do.” That’s quite a change from the message of the Secret which tells us we should “love what we do and do what we love.

This is an intelligent, captivating film, with absolutely no shortcomings, unless you are bothered by subtitles. I hope you won’t let that stand in your way. You’ll be cheating yourself. The DVD is available at Blockbuster, and, undoubtedly, at other rental outlets as well.


secret.jpgSEE The Secret. Why? Everybody everywhere will soon be talking about it and you will want to be in the know. More important, it has a powerful message, the likes of which have not been seen since that last new religion was started. Only this is more universal because it crosses all cultural boundaries and deals with something called “Universal Law” or “Law of Attraction.” DVD can be purchased online at or can be viewed on your computer with medium to high speed access for $4.95 at