Magical Mentoring with John Demartini

Personal Development, The Secret | | February 9, 2007 at 11:24

We had a surprise treat last night. A last minute email alerted us to a special speaking engagement by Dr. DeMartini, who is featured in The Secret. I blogged on The Secret just the other day when I found out the Dr. DeMartini was going to be speaking at the Hilton tonight as well as heading an intensive 2 day workshop "The Breakthrough Experience" this weekend at the Flamingo.

As cosmic events coalesced, The Secret itself was featured on Oprah yesterday with the film’s creator and four more of its contributors. Obviously, if you have not seen The Secret, then you need to do so right away, cause it is fast becoming a buzz so loud as to almost be a roar.

The First Church of Religious Science at 1420 E. Harmon Ave was the host venue last night when about 300 fortunate souls gathered in the Sanctuary for more than three hours of talk and story-telling by Dr. DeMartini. At once boyishly charismatic and profoundly wise, the Dr. offered up tales of his own journey, and analysis as to why we, as individuals, are where we are todaywhat we have and what we are. I was especially grateful that he dispelled the easy part of the mystic surrounding the Secret, and that while intentions and desire are catalysts for "success", nothing replaces good old fashioned hard work and planning. A truly gifted speaker, Dr DeMartini is almost evangelical in his delivery and certainly engages his audience in both mind and soul. You can still see him tonight at the Hilton 7-9 pm for $25 at the door – definitely worth the price of admission.

It’s not too late as of this morning to join his weekend seminar, which he says is a very intimate workshop for people who are really serious about moving up to the next level. The price is steep, but not if it gets the results he offers.