A Steak for Under $5, Beer for a Buck

Restaurants | | February 12, 2007 at 15:43

In the mood for a decent steak and don’t want to spend more than a Big Mac with large fries and large coke? Okay, so you’ll want to leave a decent tip and that’s not a completely fair comparison. I’ll concede that. But we savored a perfectly-grilled, juicy, medium rare 10 oz sirloin at Ellis Island last night at 11:30 pm with salad, green beans and potato for $4.95 each. No player’s card or Nevada driver’s license required. The beer was Ellis Island-brewed Amber, tall and cold for $1. We could have had the same meal at 6 pm, so no late night or early bird special restrictions. Downside is a 20 minute wait no matter when you seem to go – they obviously are hoping to get some more dollars from your pocket to the slot machines. You can have an hour wait if you go at prime dinner hour. I’ll caution that the salad is iceberg and the green beans served with too much buttery stuff. But for the money, it just can’t be beat.

The Casino also has a pizza corner (a bevy of booths over in an alcove) where they serve up the perfect crust, by the slice or whole pie. Price is great and, to my taste, some of the best pizza in town. I haven’t tried the bar-b-que yet, but judging by the crowds and the other two eating outlets, my money is on succulent and sweet ribs. This is a Casino where people go for bargain in all areas, so don’t expect a high end crowd. The smoke can be thick, but where else can you get a great-tasting beer for a buck? I heard the sounds of karaoke from the bar. Definitely not my thing, but hey, who am I to judge how other people have fun? Ellis Island Casino and Restaurant, 4178 Koval Ln, between E Flamingo and Tropicana. 702-733-8901.