Valentine a la francaise

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If you want to take your sweetie for a little of that ooh-la-la Frenchie romantic stuff for Valentine’s Day, it might not be too late to get reservations at Josette’s Bistro. This is a restaurant known for the personality and charm of its owner as much as the authenticity of its delicious French kitchen. A Bistro by definition captures the intimacy and casualness of a dinner party among good friends, serving uncomplicated yet lovingly prepared dishes that please the palatte and eye, but never intimidate. Josette is a petite blonde bombshell who energizes with her warm smile and charming accent. She has a great sense of theatre and is sure to infuse a lot of romance and fun into the occasion.

We spent a wonderful Halloween at Josette’s, everyone in flamboyant costume and Kiki Kalor engaging us all in an international cabaret. The Cabaret is a Euorpean invention; remember images of pre-war Berlin in a wild frenzy? Josette brought Kiki Kalor from LA to reprise the Cabaret experience every Saturday night, with lively song, dance and laughter. That with entrecote au poivre vert (pepper steak), creme brule and a bottle of burgundy and voila! c’est la vie comme a Paris. Josette keeps her website updated with colorful teasers of upcoming events. Get on her email list. 4983 W. Flamingo just west of Decatur. 702-227-4575

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