Stardust Implosion

Uncategorized | | February 14, 2007 at 14:08

I don’t know about you, but I have been looking forward to the implosion of the old Stardust with great anticipation. In fact, I had been planning an "implosion party" from the balcony of our condo where we have a clear view of the historical landmark. But apparently the powers on high have decided that the actual date is going to be kept top secret, claiming security concerns. They don’t want the streets filled with thrill-seeking voyeurs eye-witnessing the icon implode in a cloud of dust, sadly without stars. I mean, can you blame people for wanting to see it? I sure want to and so do friends and family.

We know it’s going to happen in March in the dead of night (about 2 am). Norm, who should have reliable spies everywhere, reports that the rumored date is Mar 12. But is that government misinformation to put us off track? Under pressure from the media, a clandestine news conference will reveal the date to an inner circle who can memorialize the moment for the rest of us. Any reporter who spills the beans will cause his agency to be banned from the event. Is this wierd or what? Are we in Baghdad or Las Vegas? Someone must be figuring the odds on a leak.

Am I going to have to set my alarm, or stay up late every night in hopes of not missing it? But there goes the chance for one great party! I feel especially cheated because I used to love to see that glorious neon sign twinkling in the night skyline, like a beacon drawing you to the energy of the Strip. It has been so dark in that corner, a spirit gone with the flick of an large electric switch. We could at least be allowed to witness the grand event and put the old dame to rest in glory.