Meetups, Actual and Virtual

FREE | | February 15, 2007 at 16:02

If you are searching for others with similar interests or want to hook up with people living in your town, forming or joining a meetup increases your exposure. This interesting concept is supported by where you can go to start a meetup group or search exisitng meetups by city or topic of interest – or both. For instance, there are meetups for poker, stay at home moms, atheists, gay dads, brain injury, Japanese language, writers, knitting and stop the Patriot Act. You can search by city, state or country. If you live in the US, you can enter your zip code for the nearest meetup groups. I keyed in 89109 and came up with Alternative Health, Artists, Arts…Investing Strategies…Recreation, Religion…US Presidential… The dots represent a slew of categories in between. You’ll find the number of members, who they are, photos if they post and notices of actual physical meetups, if they occur. I was introduced by a friend to the Las Vegas Entrepreneur Meetup Group. Just another example of the power of the internet to connect people.