More than grapes in the world

Uncategorized | | February 16, 2007 at 11:39

I am amazed by the fascination with wine, indeed, I might almost call it an obsession. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy a good varietal from a vintage year, but there are other libations worthy of time, energy and enjoyment. I, myself, am a Scotch drinker. I prefer a Highland, single malt, but am an inclusive kind of gal who concedes that a Lowland, Speyside, Cambeltown or Islay can produce a most pleasurable spirit. Whether you spell it whisky or whiskey (both are correct), this is a time-honored tradition whose roots can be traced to 2000 BC. This puts heather-flavored, barley malt-based whiskey on a competing timeline with the grape. There are several interesting websites on the subject of Scotch, but my favorites are,, and the old standby Wikipedia. All this brings me to my point. If Las Vegas can be replete with wine-tastings, why not Scotch-tastings? I was a loner at the Scotch booth when Lee’s Discount Liquor did their big Wine & Spirits Tasting at the Hilton. I was happy to tipple the 25 year olds with little competition and absolutely no queue, but it would be more fun to share. Anyone else feel the same?