Very Decent Dim Sum

Restaurants | | February 19, 2007 at 23:30

The billboard had been entirely in Chinese save the mysterious Ping Pang Pong in recognizable script, certainly tweaking my curiousity. The recent addition of a few words in English giving the hours of a Dim Sum lunch, just in time for Chinese New Year, seemed a great excuse to find out what the Golden Nugget was up to. A sign that we were in for a treat was the packed dining room, each table filled with Chinese families and groups of friends. You just knew it was going to be authentic and most probably tasty.

Dim Sum is the general classification for the small delicacies Chinese eat for breakfast or lunch, often dumpling- or bun-like, usually steamed or fried, most commonly filled with pork, shrimp or vegetables. Most westerners are familiar with potstickers, a typical Dim Sum. A classic Dim Sum meal is served from small carts or trolleys that circle the room, you making your choices at will, and the server noting your selection on the table’s tab to be tallied at the end of the meal. Dim Sum is a Cantonese expression which translates directly as “touching the heart,” but is used as “bite” or “snack.”

The Dim Sum menu at the Ping Pang Pong is divided into Steamed, Crisp Fried and Seared, Baked, Bamboo Rice Specials, Steamed Rice Noodle Rolls, Warm and Hot Sweets, and Cool Sweets. I usually have the server lift the lids on the stainless steel or bamboo baskets and just point to indicate my selection. I do have a great weakness for the BBQ Pork Bao (steamed bun) and insist on having at least one serving. The prices vary from $2.18 to $5.88 a serving, which is usually 3-4 pieces. It is a meal best enjoyed by several people, as it is difficult for two to eat the variety that you want to order. Like all Chinese food, it is designed to enjoy in a group.

The serving is daily from 10am -3pm. You can also order from the menu if the Dim Sum seems daunting, but you will be missing a great treat. Ping Pang Pong Restaurant, Gold Coast Casino, W. Flamingo and Valley View.

You can also get daily Dim Sum until 4 pm at the Harbour Palace Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown Plaza at 4275 Spring Mountain Rd, west of Valley View.

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