Joe Piscopo at the Hilton

Uncategorized | | February 21, 2007 at 12:33

I didn’t really have any expectations about a show with Joe Piscopo. I remembered him vaguely from Saturday Night Live. I had no clue how incredibly talented this guy is. He was funny, you’d expect that. He can sing and does a great Frank Sinatra. Also predictable. But when he began taking up different instruments, he took the performance to a new level. From country western chords on his guitar, to boogie-woogie on the grand piano, classical flute, soulful saxophone, his finish on the drums was nothing short of heart-stopping. Jokes, slide show, white man’s rap, ballads, imitations of UniVision – he does it all with non-stop locomotive energy. He’s playing at the Shimmer Cabaret at the Hilton until mid-March. 702-732-5755

By the way, the Hilton is really good to locals. Your red Hilton card will get you the buffet for about $14 and that includes house wine or their keg beer. Play the slots a little and the offers for free tickets and other goodies will start to come. Our neighbor had free tickets last night for the Piscopo show, and though the show is worth the price of admission, free is always good. You need a Nevada driver’s license and you are good to go for the Hilton card.