Democrat Presidential Candidates on Health Care

FREE, Politics, Speakers/Lectures, TV | | March 14, 2007 at 13:15

I received a comment from the SEIU clarifying some incomplete information published in the R-J. The moderator for the event will be Karen Tumulty, political correspondent for Time magazine. The priviliged audience for the Democratic Presidential Candidates Forum on Health Care will consist of UNLV (I am assuming faculty, staff and students), members of the SEIU, and community members selected by the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Although I applaud the SEIU for co-sponsoring the event, I wish that it were open to more members of the public. The issue of health care is so large and immediate that any ideas for reform should have as public a forum as possible. Also, thank you to the SEIU for helping me keep my information as accurate as possible.

Entry from March 13:
I read in today’s R-J about a star-studded political forum on Mar 24 at UNLV that will give seven of the eight Democratic presidential hopefuls an opportunity to air their positions on health care. It sounds like just the kind of event we need to witness. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like negotiations with any TV network have succeeded in a telecast, nor does anyone seem to know who gets to be in the audience. We do know that the forum will be webcast live on the websites of the co-sponsors: SEIU (Service International Employees Union) and the Center for American Progress Action Fund (a pac of the think-tank Center for American Progress.)

Considering the impressive list of participants, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich, and the portent of the topic, I would imagine they could pack the house. This will not be a debate, but rather a forum where each candidate will be given time to present their health care platform and then answer questions from moderator(s) and audience. There is no word either on who the moderator(s) would be. Present status: Mar 24, UNLV, what time?, exact venue?, who will moderate?, who will be allowed to attend? Not much to go on except It’s still a dynamite possibility to hear and see some of the movers and shakers of our lives.

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