A Wild Celtic Night

Bars Clubs Lounges | | March 18, 2007 at 11:28

We had a late start on St. Pat’s Day celebration. A day long seminar at the Las Vegas branch of the National Speaker’s Association and the election for the Board of Directors of our high rise kept me busy until evening. By the time we got to McMullan’s Irish Pub, which was my number #1 choice to party on this most special day, the line was long long long just to get in the door. Congratulations to them for not needing our business!

We walked across the street to the Orleans and found a full house at Brendan’s Irish Pub, but not too full to find an empty spot to lean on the bar. The party was in full swing with music by an Irish rock group bannered as “The Wild Celtic.” Lead guitar was a handsome lad with a beautiful head of Celtic wavy hair. Backed up by bass guitar and drums, the band had a hard-driving rock sound underpinned and interspersed with the distinctive strains of that wild Irish wail. The female violinist was marvelous, whether as backup or taking center stage when the music went full bore rock Irish.

The beer was flowing, the tables were jammed and the largely young crowd on their feet, clapping their hands, and stomping their feet, all initiates for one night into the Sons of Erin. Not that anyone needed energizing, but helping keep the throttle on max was a dancing Leprechaun, with beard and traditional high hat making his rounds through the crowd and jumping on stage in a rousing Irish jig. I even saw a kilt or two. Don??????? know how the partying was going elsewhere, but don??????? think you could ask for more than you got at Brendan??????? in the Orleans.

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