Spring Equinox Celebration

Health & Beauty, Religion & Spirituality | | March 18, 2007 at 11:50

This Tuesday, March 20 is the spring equinox, or first day of spring. Days and nights are exactly equal in length (equi equal, nox night), the sun’s path (sic) is directly over the equator, the moon is new and it will all be celebrated at the Temple of Goddess Spirituality. I wrote a little about this group when they had their full moon ritual on March 3. They have constructed a Temple to Sekhmet in the desert near Cactus Springs where they say that all are invited to pray, meditate and connect with the Divine. Gather at 7:00 pm to start at 7:30 pm. No pets, alcohol, drugs or firearms. I would check out their website and call for more info. www.sekhmettemple.com

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