Ballroom Dancing for Normal People

Latin music | | March 25, 2007 at 11:24

salsa1.jpgWant to dance like a professional, or at least not embarrass yourself on the dance floor? I’ve come across a studio in the New Orleans Square (not the Hotel Casino) that offers lessons in ballroom dancing, tangos, salsa, swing etc. as well as dance exhibitions and a Ballroom DanceFest with prizes. The sponsor is Tiger Jesse of the Blackbelters Lions Club 702-892-8423. He was very welcoming and eager to have new participants. New Orleans Square 900 E. Karen Ave Bldg D-116 Las Vegas NV (parking in the Commercial Center between Joe W. Brown & Maryland)

Definitely call first 702-892-8423 for details and to ensure time and place.
Sundays: Tango Night Fever 7:00 pm til last tango
Mondays: Ballroom Dancing 2:00p-6:00p and 7:00p til last dance
Wednesdays: Swing & Salsa Night 7:00p til last dance

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