Cirque du Soleil Fan Club

Clubs & Assns, Theatre & Opera, Travel | | March 25, 2007 at 11:01

What do you do when you have seen every Cirque du Soleil show in town? Take it on the road, of course. There is a group of Cirque fans who are so dedicated that they are going to travel to Orlando and later Tokyo to continue their mission which is to “live passionately!” (by seeing every Cirque du Soleil production possible.) Called Cirquecon, they have a website for “The Unofficial Gatherings of Cirque du Soleil Passionates,” with a forum, lots of photos and travel schedule including hotels and “goodies” for “La Nouba” at Walt Disney World in Orlando in August ’07 and CirqueCon 2008: Tokyo! in Fall ’08. This is not a Las Vegas group, but I don’t think we would be excluded. Their invitation: “So come and have a Zippity-du-Soleil time!”

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