“Socrates Cafe” Discussion Group

Clubs & Assns, FREE | | April 20, 2007 at 14:18

socrates.jpgThe Socrates Cafe meets every Tuesday 7:00 pm at the Reading Room at Mandalay Place to discuss life’s big questions in a “friendly, non-partisan, intelligent atmosphere.” Doesn’t sound like typical Las Vegas. The group seats itself in a circle of chairs, outside the bookstore and follows a semi-structured format of commentary and discussion, with a moderater. The group selects a philosophical question posed by members and then contribute in a round robin fashion. Socrates devoted his life to the quest of understanding through logic back about 500 BC and this group endeavors to keep emotions at bay and intellect at forefront. If you want more info, call 702-632-9374. Venue is Mandalay Place 3930 Las Vegas Blvd So. Las Vegas NV.

If you want more information about the Society for Philosophical Inquiry, which is the national organization behind the Socrates Cafe, go to their website www.philospher.org.

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