CineVegas Art House Screenings

the Arts | | April 21, 2007 at 08:55

neonopolis-header.JPGHere’s the list of films being screened at the Neonopolis in conjunction with the CineVegas Screening Series called Art House. These films represent the best in foreign, cult, documentary and independent American films. CineVegas is distinguishing itself as the film festival “willing to take chances.”

The venue is the Galaxy Neonopolis 450 E. Fremont Downtown Las Vegas. Tickets are $9 adults Fri & Sat/$8.75 adults Sun-Thur/$6 children, seniors, military, matinee.

Playing thru April 5: Elaura (Spanish language) and Le Petit Lieutenant (French language)

Apr 6-Apr 12: En El Huyo (In the Pit) (Mexican documentary), Sweet Land (American)

Apr 13-Apr 19: Flannel Pajamas (American), El Topo (Spanish language, Chilean filmmaker. Praised by John Lennon as a masterpiece)

Apr 20-Apr 26: Tears of the Black Tiger (Thai), The Holy Mountain (Chileanunreasonableman.jpg filmmaker – see El Topo)extermangels.jpg

Apr 27-May 3: Les Anges Exterminateurs (The Exterminating Angels) (French langauge), An Unreasonable Man (American – documentary on Ralph Nader)

Please call 702-383-9600 or check the website for more details on each film and show times.

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