Ladies Lost Weekend

Art, Health & Beauty | | April 23, 2007 at 08:07

This is a art retreat for the ladies (and their kids, if they want) sponsored by the Goldwell Open Air Museum in Rhyolite NV. The weekend activity is to site and restore a couch covered in tile and mosaic designed by German artist Sofie Siegman. The result of an artist residency at the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas, the couch was donated to the Goldwell Open Air Museum which wants to provide visitors a resting place with a view across the Amargosa Valley and the Museum’s sculpture park. May 4-May 6.
ladieslostwknd.JPGThe weekend is $50 ($25 a day) which includes meals on Sat and Sun, some mementos, and best of all, a Saturday night soak at Bailey’s Hot Springs. There is lodging and camping in nearby Beatty. The museum has a website with more information of the weekend as well as other exhibits and activities.

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