Paiute ethnobotany

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The Clark Co. Museum is offering a series of Native American programs at the Museum in Henderson, with a discussion of local ethnobotany scheduled for Sat Apr 28. “Pauite” (sometimes Piute) refers to a group of North American Indians, divided into Northern and Southern. This grouping is not really correct, as the Northern Pauites are more related to the Shoshone and the Southerns to the Ute. It was the Southern Pauites who lived in this area, today with communities in Las Vegas, Pahrump and Moapa. Ethnobotany is simply the cultural uses of plants, the study of how peoples of a culture or region use indigenous plants, whether for food, shelter, medicine, clothing, hunting or religious rituals.

The programs are presented in the historic railroad depot and last about 2 hours. Children ages 6 and older are welcome, but must be with an adult and registered in advance. 702-455-7955. 1830 So. Boulder Hwy

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