FDA assault on natural health choices

Politics | | April 25, 2007 at 06:49

The FDA is a powerful government organization that controls our access to prescription and non-prescription drugs. The FDA wants to control access to natural health products like vitamins, minerals and herbs – along with natural health therapies of all sorts. If you do your research, I think you will find that the FDA is too closely involved with the pharmaceutical industry to make impartial decisions about your healthcare. It’s all about the money when it comes to big business and very little about you. I am urging you to educate yourself and I am urging you to participate in an email petition to help stop this dangerous attempt to restrict our access to alternative forms of medicine and treatment of disease. There is so much information available today about the dangers of the side effects of pharmaceuticals, and so much new information about the curative powers and benefits of natural healing that we can’t allow our choice of treatment to be limited to what the FDA controls and the pharmaceutical companies profit from. For more information www.democracyinaction.org

natural-cures.jpgAlso read Kevin Trudeau‘s New York Times Bestseller “Natural Cures They don’t want you to know about.” This story is as big as the tobacco industry’s deliberate addition of nicotine to make cigarette smoking more addictive and their cover-up of the cancer-causing constituents of tobacco. Although it is a bit sensational, Trudeau brings to light issues which, if only half true, are scary enough.
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