Gathering of the Brits

FREE | | April 25, 2007 at 23:25

brit-flag.jpgAndy Walmsley and Steve Lee, a couple of British ex-pats, decry the fact that the English are so well acclimated to life in Las Vegas that they don’t hang out together. They’re trying to change that by hosting their first big party and hoping that a contingent of the approximately 30,000 natives of Great Britain will turn out. The UKLV (United Kingdom Las Vegas) bash will be on Mon Apr 30 7p-midnight. Everything except drinks will be free – food, tea, entertainment, raffles. Two bands will play, Zen Lizard and the UKLV Supergroup made up of 15 instrumentalists. I used to live in Cornwall. Wonder if that counts? Do you need a passport to get in or just the right accent? The Southeast View says Americans are welcome too. Better watch that. We Yanks are suckers for free food. Alexia Park Resort 375 E. Harmon Ave. Las Vegas NV.

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