Bahama Breeze for a Fun Meal

Restaurants | | May 8, 2007 at 10:04

l1030016.JPGIf you are looking for a place to dine that’s not fast food, but not hard on the wallet, check out Bahama Breeze on East Flamingo. It is the favorite spot of our college-aged son, who likes the lively atmosphere and the variety of tasty, slightly exotic items on the menu. The place is pretty successful at capturing that tropical flair, even here in the desert. The bar supplies a plethora of Islands-style (the Caribbean type) drinks with sugar cane sweetness and tropical fruit. You know, it’s one of those places that serves colorful drinks with little umbrellas that make you feel like you’re on vacation.l1030013.JPG

Our family favorite is the mashed sweet potatoes flavored with cinnamon and a perfect accompaniment to the grilled Tilapia, Chicken Kabobs or West Indies Ribs. For dessert I recommend Bananas Supreme or Rebecca’s Key Lime Pie. I fancy myself somewhat of a connoisseur of key lime pie and have driven from Miami to Key West on a sampling mission. To my surprise, the version at Bahama Breeze competes with anything I had in Florida.

l1030007.JPGIt’s a chain restaurant, which I usually like to avoid. But there are exceptions to every rule and I hold with the theory that the more choice, the more fun. Open til midnite weeknights and 1:00 am Fri & Sat. Bahama Breeze 702-731-3252 375 Hughes Center Drive Las Vegas NV (@ E. Flamingo)