World Beer Cup 2006 and 2008

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brewersassn.JPGEvery two years the Brewers Association sponsors the World Beer Cup. The last competition was in 2006, the next is in San Diego Apr 08. 2221 beers were entered in ’06 from 540 breweries, 56 coutnries, in 85 styles or categories with 109 judges from 18 countires. The USA won 64% of all medals with Germany at 11%, Belgium 6% and Australia & Japan 4%. 38 countries participated in 2002, so the competition is definitely growing internationally.

California took the most medals with 25, Wisconsin 14, Colorado 12, Washington State 12, Oregon 11 and Illinois 10. Nevada won 4 medals which is not bad considering brewing not something we’re known for. The winners for NV are:

bigdogbrew-1.jpgBig Dog’s Brewing Co. (Las Vegas) Gold Medal Red Hydrant Ale Style: English-Style Brown Ale

Brew Brothers Brewery (El Dorado Hotel – Reno) Gold Medal Redhead Amber Ale Style: German-Style Brown Alebrew-brothers.jpg / D???sseldorf-Style Altbier
Brew Brothers Brewery (El Dorado Hotel – Reno) Bronze Medal Brew Brothers Barleywine Style: Barley Wine-Style Ale

Chicago Brewing Co. (Las Vegas) Gold Medal C.B.C. Belgian-Style Dubbel Style: Belgian-Style Dubbel

If you are going to Lee’s Beer Experience Sat May 12, you might want to check out the 2006 Winners spreadsheet to see if any of the World Cup winners are represented. The 100 hand-crafted beer tasting event is for USA breweries only. Look for more info on the 2008 competition as well as the 2006 Winners Spreadsheet (.xls 58k) @

What is the World Beer Cup? A panel of beer judges honor the top three beers in 81 beer style categories with gold, silver and bronze awards. It is known as “The Olympics of Beer Competitions” because it’s one of few international beer competitions awarding one gold, silver and bronze in each category.

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