Intentional Wellness Conference I

Personal Development, Religion & Spirituality, Speakers/Lectures | | May 23, 2007 at 15:45

intwellness.jpgMy goal is to bring something of interest to everyone. I strive to make connections between people who might not otherwise find each other, and to bring events to a broader audience so that a diverse culture of all aspects of life can flourish here in a city too often characterized by the dark side. The light side, and I mean that in a spiritual sense, is nurtured by organizations like the Open Wisdom Institute which is participating in the Intentional Wellness Conference on June 2.

This all day 9 am -4 pm, “Extraordinary Day” event will be held at the Canyon Gate Country Club in Summerlin with the objective to empower you and connect you to your own healer within. It is being presented by Sheila Z Stirling, a spiritual life coach, healer and author of “Reading the Language of the Cosmos.” New Age, most definitely. For everyone, most definitely not. For the seeker and the spiritual pilgrim, definitely something to investigate.

Canyon Gate Country Club W. Sahara & Decatur Las Vegas NV.

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