FDA and Drugs That Kill

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natural-cures.jpgI took a lot of flack about my article on the FDA and drugs. The book I recommended by Kevin Trudeau, I was told, was written by a charlatan with no credentials other than he had made bucketsful of money selling himself as one of the gurus of the self-improvement age. Having made lots of dough promoting yourself, to my mind, demonstrates having a real good sense of what makes the world go round. Not to mention that all that money has given him the enviable advantage of true independence from the necessity of pleasing anyone except himself. I’m not sure he’s all that crazy when I read the new info coming out about Avandia.

In case you don’t watch TV, read the newspaper or catch the news online at MSN.com, Avandia is a Glaxo-SmithKline pharmaceutical for treatment of diabetes type 2 which causes a significant increase in risk for heart attack. The New England Journal of Medicine published its report on Mon May 21 which may have prompted the FDA to issue a “safety alert” citing potential significant risk of heart failure among Avandia users. These risks are reputedly between 30-43% over normal for heart attack and 64% for heart death. Significant indeed. And don’t forget that those with diabetes are already at high risk of heart failure as a result of the disease itself.

Avandia and Actos, from Japanense Takeda Pharmaceutical, are part of a class known as glitazones. Rezulin, also in that class, was pulled from the market in 2000 because of deaths from acute liver failure. Baycol, a statin lowering cholesterol, was pulled in 2001 because of sometimes fatal break down of muscle tissue. Vioxx, the anti-inflammatory and pain-killer, was pulled in 2004 due to increased risk of heart attacks and stroke. Bextra, another COX-2 inhibitor anti-inflammatory, was pulled in 2005 also due to increased heart disease and stroke. Are you starting to wonder if FDA approval is any guarantee that your prescription won’t cause more damage than good?

And we are faced with the same repeating questions since Vietnam, the tobacco industry cover-up, Watergate, Iraq etc etc etc: Who knew what and when?

If you are a thinking person, you might ask what else are you putting in your body, with your doctor’s, the FDA?’s and the pharmaceutical company’s recommendation that could kill you? Couple that with the number of meds that are advertised on any given Thursday night TV show and the scenario becomes frightening. Almost makes you yearn for the good old days when cigarettes and alcohol picked up the tab for our evening entertainment.

You can order Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About from Amazon.com. and decide for yourself how crazy Trudeau is. I never buy anything 100%, but if he is only half right, you need to know about it.

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