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Elvis has closed. See related Elvis’ Restaurant & Lounge has closed

I’m the kind of person who likes to have a good time and I don’t have a lot of hang-ups about the kinds or types of people to help me achieve that. I figure there are good people everywhere and they come in all shapes, sizes and life-style preferences. So I don’t like to stereotype a place as to “this is a biker-bar,” or this is a “gay bar,” or this is a “black club,” but would rather use a criteria such as great dance music and a high energy, let yourself go kind of ambiance.

What I’m leading up to here is a take on Elvis’ Restaurant and Lounge on Sahara and how an eclectic group of partiers can get it on with everybody feeling welcome and nobody being uptight. When you first walk in the door, you get a wild impression of the cantina in Star Wars, only Las Vegas style. The owner Elvis Nargi is decked out just how he should be in star-studded black, enormous belt buckle on his generous belly and hair couiffed in just that “sideburns and wings style” you would expect in a Vegas “King” impersonator.

Karin Denise is MC on Friday and Saturday nights, taking charge of the business of everybody enjoying themselves – from her lusty vocals to her commanding, high-voltage personality. Read more about her at karindenise.com. Elvis treated the full house to shots of Tequila with the waitress letting the good times pour directly into the gaping jaws of one enthusiastic dancer. As long as he wasn’t driving….it’s his hangover, not mine.

I was heartsick when Zingers closed. But it looks like some of the crowd moved across the street with Karin to Elvis’. But don’t let silly bias keep you away. This is a fun place to party, all evening I’m sure, but certainly when other spots are shutting down and you just aren’t ready to give it up yet. Look for Karin and Elvis to perform from 9:30p-1:30a at Elvis’ Restaurant & Lounge Friday and Saturday nights. Great dance music. Italian Food. Open 24 hrs. No cover charge and the drinks are very reasonable ($3 beers.)

There is a DJ spinning from 2a – 6a for those of you who are looking to keep the party going all night. Special interest for Latinos is Monday night Noche Latinas Latin Karaoke. Elvis tries to keep the action going, so check our yourself what’s going on at elvislv.com. Previously Steve and David’s. 702-262-0001. 545 E. Sahara Las Vegas.

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