No more Jazz @ 3rd & Bridger (“the Church”)?

Bars Clubs Lounges | | June 2, 2007 at 05:30

rip.jpg“Look for changes at the site of the oldest church in Vegas – we hope for the good.”

When I wrote that a few short months ago, little did I know that changes were coming that were huge – like Bobby Morris and group quitting – and now I hear that the place is being sold. I also heard that there was no jazz last night (Fri Jun 01), so I apologize to anyone who went on down based on reading my calendar and articles. I have no idea what’s next, but it saddens me when something so successful (for the jazz-loving public anyway) would die so suddenly.

I had many memorable evenings there, not the least the night Mary Oliver sang “Happy Birthdayjazzplayer.jpg Marilyn Monroe-style to my son celebrating his rite of passage 21st big one. We had a night on the town with him “legal” and took him to all our favorite spots – Stirling Club, Jazz on 3rd, Sand Dollar, Barcode…but the highlight of the night was that song with him on stage with Mary. I know he’ll never forget it. You know what they say in the Mastercard commercial – “Priceless.” And that just perfectly describes my memories of Jazz at the Church on 3rd.

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