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holmes.jpgI didn’t have any particular expectations when I went to see Clint Holmes and "Just Another Man" last night at Bayley Theatre. I’d seen Clint perform; he’s a great singer and entertainer and that’s what I thought I would get out of the show – hear good music and be entertained.

I was not prepared to be seized and drawn into a story that touched on such compelling and profound issues. It is the gripping account of Clint and his life, but it could be the story of almost everyone I know. It certainly struck a chord deep in my soul. You don’t have to be half white and half black to experience social, cultural, and familial alienation.

If you haven’t had cancer, then you either have had a cancer scare or have someone close to you who has. If you’re pushing 60 or beyond, you likely are still dealing with baggage from parents, siblings, children’s disappointments and regrets over choices taken, paths chosen – hopes lost and hopes unfulfilled. When is too late – is it ever too late? Certainly when death knocks at your door, you know time is running out and you want to chase after every precious moment. New dilemmas? Of course not.

Man has been struggling with these issues since he first developed a brain capable of self-reflection. The Greeks created theatre to drive home the eternal battles that plague the human condition. Holmes is the Greek hero who finds the balance between hubris and submission to the will of the gods. He is a man with the courage to bear his soul humbly before us all. It’s not just his soul we view, but the inner sanctuaries of those who are satellites in his intimate universe. I admire their courage too.

How difficult to pose timeless questions in a fresh way that is deeply personal yet wholly universal. With the lyrics of Clint Holmes, the direction of Larry Moss and the support of a talented crew of actors and technicians, "Just Another Man" moved the audience to standing ovation. But is it the play and music itself that elicited such an emotional connection, or the connection to Clint Holmes from a community that adores and respects him? Las Vegas loves Clint and is cheering him on. Will this translate to the stage in New York? We have yet another question without definitive answer.

The mechanics of the production are still being worked out. These first performances are called previews with the official opening night this Thursday June 07. The fine-tuning is taking place. The first act needs some tightening up; I had doubts about the cast until the second act when the force of their talents was better showcased. With time will come the confidence to really shine.

This is a rare opportunity to witness a creation being manifested. We could be turning the tables here. In lieu of Las Vegas bringing Broadway to town, this is a native on the way to the Bright White Lights. "Just Another Man" will entertain you, delight you and move you. I will even risk saying you could have a profound experience. Is there intelligent life in Las Vegas? Yes, on the stage at Bayley Hall. Come see for yourself.

For show times and tickets call 702-739-3287 or 1-888-388-3287 or go to nct.unlv.edu. Presented by Nevada Conservatory Theatre at Judy Bayley Theatre UNLV campus Las Vegas NV

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