Summer Solstice Celebration

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sekhmet1.jpgThursday June 21 is the summer solstice, or first day of summer. The hours of daylight are longest – the night is shortest – the sun’s path (sic) is directly over the Tropic of Cancer. The Temple of Goddess Spirituality will celebrate at their Temple to Sekhmet in the desert near Cactus Springs; they say that all are invited to pray, meditate and connect with the Divine. No pets, alcohol, drugs or firearms. Check out their website and call for specific details.

solsticestonehenge.jpgThe summer solstice is highly celebrated in the northern countries of Europe with bonfires and parties over all the lands. No tradition for that here in the US, whether from the Puritan influence or just too many different people from too many different places. The custom never seemed to catch on. Too bad. I had a fabulous time both in Cornwall with the lighting of bonfires on every hilltop, and in Denmark where you take to the sea and sail along the coast to see the hundreds of bonfires and revelers celebrating this ancient rite.

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