Family Fun Night & More at the Drive-In

Discounts, the Arts | | June 30, 2007 at 07:39

drivein.jpgSome of us are old enough to remember when a drive-in movie was the ideal date for a Saturday night. I blush to think of what went on the privacy of those cars. It was the place for teen-agers to be alone and for mom’s and dad’s to pack the kids in their pj’s and have a cheap night out. You can live that again, or for the first time with Las Vegas 5 Drive-In. Five Screens? – whoever thought of a multi-plex drive-in? I love it. This is real Americana.

Kids 11 & under are free. Tuesday is Family Fun Night with adults $4. A Double Feature other nights is only $6. With modern technology like Techalight Projection for a brighter, clearer picture and FM stereo sound, it almost doesn’t seem like a real drive-in movie. Times depend on sunset – CALL FIRST. Another difference from the old days is that the movies are first run. Call 702-646-3565 or check the LV Review Journal for listings. 4150 W Carey at N Rancho.

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