Axixic – a far cry from Vegas

Travel | | August 4, 2007 at 13:24

Ajijic red Ffrtress.JPGImagine yourself as far from Las Vegas as possible – well forget the context of Vegas and substitute just about any place that you might be right now as you are reading this.

It’s time for la comida, the noon meal. All sounds from the street have virtually ceased save the tolling of a rusty church bell and the rhythmic clanging of a lone workman in the distance, piecingAjijic floral door together a building from chaotic heaps of scrap and jumbled brick. There is ever so slight a breeze in the mildly humid air, the sun is slowly breaking through the rain clouds of early morning showers. Even the birds have quieted their continuous symphony and only sporadically give way in exuberant song to express the pure joy of life amidst such lush abundance and peace.

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