White Hot Fusion Networking @ Ghost Bar

Bars Clubs Lounges | | August 10, 2007 at 07:30

white-hot.jpgOn Thur Aug 23 from 5:30p-8p the fabled and very cool Ghostbar at the Palms will be the site for the Vegas Young Professionals to met and mix at the intriguingly titled “The White Hot Fusion Mixer.” Ghostbar, although in tough competition with other clubs around time – even against Moon in the second tower at the Palms itself – is still a very heady place to spend some time. It is hard to surpass in views – and although this event starts early and ends before really dark, it should still be an ghostbar.jpgawesome experience to see the daylight dim and the city lights slowly come up in the dusk. ghostbar-las-vegas.n9negroup.com

The Palms has an impressive line-up of special events with regular parties like Ditch Fridays and Moon Tuesdays offered to draw in locals. Email glist@9groupvegas.com or call 702-942-6832. Palms Hotel & Casino 4321 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas NV

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