Sandra’s Showcase: Sheila Z

A Point of View, Earth | | August 14, 2007 at 08:13

Sandra’s Showcase highlights intellectual, spiritual and motivational talent in Las Vegas, people whose lives are dedicated to making a difference – in our town, in our country, maybe even across the globe. sheilzearth.jpgSheila Z certainly fits that job description.

I first met Sheila at a weekend seminar with Dr. John Demartini, one of the featured contributors to the blockbuster DVD "The Secret." I read in Demartini’s Las Vegas schedule of appearances that he had spoken at IONS. I researched IONS and found Sheila Z to be one of the movers and shakers of that group. IONS is a fascinating organization founded by a former astronaut and dedicated to research into consciousness – especially the raising of. Following up on her Intentional Wellness Conference (being organized at the time of the Dimartini seminar), I discovered that this incredibly active, committed and involved lady was one of 1000 environmentally-concerned citizens hand-picked for Al Gore’s Climate Project.

Kudos to Sheila for having the determination and perseverance to follow through with her ideals. Lucky world to reap the benefits of her labor. Here is her response to my question "How did you get chosen for The Climate Project?":

"Watching for the Signs (answering the question) Every day we receive hundreds of signs, guidelines and inspirations. This is a true story about watching for the signs and following your heart. You may know me from the Open Wisdom Institute. I am a healer, teacher, author and composer here in Las Vegas. I have always been a warrior when it comes to protecting our precious mother earth. I feel this is part of our own wellness. To finally get it that we are all one, all connected, and as the health and well being of our mother earth goes, so go we, so to speak.

My web site and teachings are about becoming your true universal self, raising your consciousness for the benefit of not only yourself, but for the planet and all of humanity. I have a page on my web site called "take action" where over 30 environmental companies are listed; you can click and help save the rain forest or the big cats etc. I have been active in many campaigns; a few years ago I lobbied in Washington DC to help the National Parks. So I guess my name got on a "list" of sorts. I remember receiving a letter to write an essay on how I felt about the environment. I did not really know where it came from, but I just wrote how I felt and sent it off. About 7 months later, I returned home from a Sound Healing Conference in New Mexico, where I had just made the life choice to create an all day wellness conference and share the information that has healed me and many others and present it to the world. On that very day I received an email that read "Congratulations, you have been chosen by Al Gore to come to Nashville and receive a training we call "The Climate Project" presented by Al Gore himself!" I took this to be a sign from the universe that I was on the right path. It was as if the universe said "You have stepped up to who you truly are and now we will train you on presenting, so you will be ready to go forth."

It was amazing and the experience in Nashville with Al Gore was so extraordinary. I have pictures and more information on my web site. I give presentations to corporations and groups. I created the "Intentional Wellness Conference," the first one was held in Las Vegas on June 2, 2007. It was a total success. I have one more planned for Las Vegas before branching out to other cities. When we feel the flow of the universe it is amazing. So keep an open heart and open mind, that is key in allowing the universal wisdom to embrace you. Everyday we get signs, just keep an open eye. Enjoy the adventure! The next Intentional Wellness conference will be October 20th of this year 2007."

Brightest of Blessings Sheila Z Director of the Open Wisdom Institute

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