Elvis’ Restaurant & Lounge has closed

Bars Clubs Lounges | | August 23, 2007 at 10:57


Another Vegas night spot that is Off the Strip has closed its doors. What a world we live in here in Sin City…..millions upon millions spent on entertainment on the Strip, while nightlife just a couple of blocks to the west or east struggles each day for breath. Elvis was a funky, fun kind of place with an eclectic crowd that had crossed the street when Zinger’s closed. With great dance music by Karin Denise and her group on the weekends, you might see any kind of person there and everyone having a good time. But apparently not enough people to make it happen for Elvis, the owner who dressed like the “King” and even performed a few numbers. A sad sayonara to another possibility for locals who can’t/won’t fight the crowds and pay the big bucks to go out on the weekends on Las Vegas Blvd.

Old website and addresss: elvislv.com. Previously Steve and David’s. 702-262-0001. 545 E. Sahara Las Vegas.

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