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richard-steele4.jpgfireworks-cage.jpgHall of Fame Boxing Referee Richard Steele and Steve Oshins, both of Las Vegas and co-owners of Steele Cage Promotions, LLC ( and the International Fighting Organization, LLC (IFO), have teamed up to present Fireworks in the Cage: Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a combination of different styles of fighting with a wide array of techniques drawing from multiple combat and boxing arts.

Richard Steele of the Boxing Referee Hall of Fame

Steele Cage.JPGLeft out of the official definition of MMA is the setting of a circular caged "ring", fenced with a chicken-wire type weave, with well padded edges and open only at the top. It’s a civilized version of the cages you see in a genre of film like "Escape from New York." Steele Cage produces a monthly TV show and weekly interviews @ 2 am early Sat mornings on Urban Lyrics TV – Channel 25 or Cable 14. Steve Oshins.jpg Steele Cage/IFO commissioned Javier Voltaje to create their official theme song which he also recorded. Voltaje is a Cuban reggaeton star who wrote Cubajala, topping the charts in Europe. Reggaeton is a blend of Jamaican and Latin American sounds with rap and hip hop. The first evening of fighting was 7-7-7 at the Orleans Arena, Fireworks in the Cage II was Sep 01 at the Riviera, Version III back at the Orleans on Sep 21. Fireworks in the Cage IV returns to the Riviera Convention Center December 15. The Fights start @ 7pm. For tickets call 702-794-9433 Ext 2.

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