The M beer bar best in Vegas

Bars Clubs Lounges, Deals for Locals | | May 13, 2009 at 10:08

I’m going to change my mind about the 32º Draft beer bar at the M Resort Casino Spa, Las Vegas.  I wasn’t enthusiastic about it on my first visit because I didn’t like its location next to the Sports Betting area, in earshot of a cacophony of slot machines.

But on the second visit, in the late afternoon, we sat at the bar and began sampling some of the 71 ice cold brews on tap.  I am ready to tolerate a little slot machine noise in the background for the opportunity to drink domestic microbrewery draft beer for $3.50 (including tax) and imported draft beer for $4.50 (also including tax.)  These are arguably the best prices in town.  I don’t know anywhere else you can get a Chimay for $4.50. 

The service was extremely friendly – as is everywhere we went at the M.  We were offered several generous samples along with the 4 brews we ordered for a grand total of $15.  At those prices, we felt more than comfortable leaving a very generous tip.

It seems the Marnell Family may have achieved the dream – "build it and they will come" – even in a recession."

32º Draft beer bar at the M is the place to go for beer lovers – excellent air conditioning, elegant surroundings, friendly service, incredible easy on the budget prices and a wide selection of fine brews, domestic and imported.

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