The Garden Dude

A Point of View, Life | | April 1, 2010 at 07:50

New Blog for Dudes (and Babes) who love growing and living green.

If you are looking for fun and information all in one place, you should check out this new blog dedicated to sustainable vegetable agriculture in your own back (and front) yard. David is The Garden Dude from California who has perfected, or at least is on the road to mastering, the art of growing veggies totally organically in pots. Not that kind of pot!

He’s posted recipes and videos on cooking up these veggies and other healthy stuff like fresh fish. Being a true California Dude, David has music to really get you in the Dude Mood. Go to the resources tab on his site and select “veggie songs.”

Choose from: We are the Vegetables by INXS, Vegetables by Radiohead, Love you Like a Fresh Vegetable by Tony Rebel and Vega-tables by the incomparable Brian Wilson.  And of course, being that the Dude is totally rad and way California, you can cook down memory lane with the Beach Boys – Vegetables. You might need to download a plugin or two.

Remember “If the Dude can do it, you can do it.”

Way cool!

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