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  • Hands Across the Sand in Hanalei, Kauai
    Hands Across the Sand - Hanalei, Kauai June 26, 2010 Aloha Ocean Lovers, On the beach today and under the surf, all of us were concerned about the events in the Gulf, and we had local Hawaiians trying to bless our land and beautiful women, covered in oil. When will we learn to protect the sea that gives us so much? We are 3,000 miles away from the gulf, but the sea life...
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  • Deep talk makes you happier than small talk
    "Dr. Conversation" Loren Ekroth PhD The following excerpt is from an article in Better Conversation Newsletter put together by my friend Loren Ekroth, PhD.  It explains why those late night conversations under the stars, around the campfire, or over a brandy are so satisfying. The eternal questions about life, its meaning and our purpose (or even if we have...
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    Rex Went West – Way West
    After juggling 3 part time jobs and barely making en ds meet, Rex decided to do something drastic. Seems that Australia grants special work visas to Americans between the ages of 20 and 30 who either have a college degree or are enrolled full time at university. Applying online, he got the visa in no time, sold almost everything he owns, parked his truck at a friend's...
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