Mubarak’s thugs attack women and children in Tahrir Square

A Point of View, Egypt, Politics | | February 2, 2011 at 10:13


I thought Obama looked mad last night – especially when he said the word “now.”

He had talked to Mubarak for 30 minutes and had seen how intransigent he was.

You can see Mubarak’s thugs – rumored to be about 75,000 paid gangsters who terrorize the population – attacking the peaceful democracy protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo if you watch AlJazeera or CNN International.  There you will get the real story. There are women and children in Tahrir Square and Mubarak shock troops with sticks and whips and on horses and camels. The Mubarak thugs are throwing Molotov cocktails.

The Army’s reaction has been to tell people to evacuate the square.

The protest across the country on Feb 1 was a peaceful movement of a population fed up with 30 years of Mubarak and his criminal and corrupt regime.

The security police forces in Egypt are said to be about 250,000 strong (excluding the goon force above) and the army 500,000. The attacks could also be from members of the security police.

Al Baradei warned that bloodshed would come if Mubarak didn’t step down. He wasn’t talking about it coming from the pro-democracy opposition. He knows Mubarak and his tactics.

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