Mubarak a pharaoh trained by the Romans

A Point of View, Egypt, Politics | | February 5, 2011 at 10:02

Mubarak is a genius who has maintained an iron grip on Egypt for 30 years. Any true opposition risks being arrested, tortured and jailed. Egyptian prisons are full of political prisoners. Egypt is one of America’s favorite spots for rendition (define as USA exporting political prisoners for interrogation by torture.)

If the protesters go home, they risk being hunted down by the security police (upwards of 250,000), arrested, tortured and imprisoned without trial. (We took a page from Mubarak when we created the Patriot Act. We don’t torture, it is said, as water boarding is not torture according to some.) Their families and neighbors will be terrorized by the gangsters paid by Mubarak’s ruling party (some 75,000 at least). This brand of “politics of persuasion” used at election time and to quell previous demonstrations has a special name in Egyptian translated as “thuggery.”

None of the anti-Mubarak people trust him. He has made promises before; he has lied. No surprises there about politicians and leaders lying. But these lies lead to torture and destruction of families. Mubarak is like a pharaoh trained by the Romans.

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