Is Egyptian Army waiting for invite for a coup?

A Point of View, Egypt, Politics | | February 10, 2011 at 20:41

Has anyone else been thinking that the Egyptian Army is letting Mubarak enrage the population to such a point that the anti-Mubarak forces actually invite the Army to take over? El Baradei has already made such a plea in a Tweet.

If the Army had seized power (staged on open coup) before Mubarak’s speech tonight, the world would have been up in arms. Their strategy could be to step in and save the country by forcing Mubarak out – all with the blessing of the pro-democracy movement – and lets face it – with the blessings of quite a few news outlets and other governments. Good riddance to evil out-of-touch Mubarak! But at what expense?

The problem: is there any other force that can make Mubarak step down?

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