Egyptian Army doesn’t move to break impasse

A Point of View, Egypt, Politics | | February 11, 2011 at 06:20

If the world is looking for the Egyptian Army to break the impasse between father Mubarak and his children, they are disappointed today. In their second statement to the nation, the military promised in non-concrete terms to lift emergency law if people go home. Doesn’t seem like anyone in the street is buying it. More and more are demonstrating and in more places, both in Cairo and in cities across Egypt.

The streets of Cairo are flooded with frustrated people who seem to have infinite patience and endurance.  They are demonstrating at the Parliament, dubbed earlier a Castle of Corruption. State TV staff claim guests cannot enter the TV building. Protesters have reached the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis. So far the military is not moving to stop the crowds.

There are stories of middle-level military officers “going over to the people.” There are rumors of a break inside the military, but no evidence.

After the embarrassment of predicting and celebrating Mubarak’s resignation only to have him stun the world with his pharaonic delusions of self-importance, I’m loathe to believe much unless and until I see it.

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