Sandmonkey’s thoughts on Egyptian democracy

A Point of View, Egypt, Politics | | February 14, 2011 at 17:18

In case you don’t tweet and aren’t following @Sandmonkey in Cairo, this is a compilation of his tweets today for about half an hour. He has about 25,000 followers so far. I’d watch those numbers climb. He isn’t as well known as Wael Gohnim, but is just as strong as player.

There were lots of replies in between, but I’m just giving his point of view. This is one of the guys who was behind the Tahrir Square Revolution. This is what one of them think.

  • Ok, sandmonkey prediction: if we end up getting democracy through the military, we will end up with the Turkey Model. Wanna Take bets?
  • They will set up a constitution that won’t allow Muslim Brotherhood specifically 2 come 2 power & will give themselves coup powers if that.
  • And that’s what the US is probably negotiating with them about. How to be the firm-handed daddy caretaker of democracy.
  • It’s a very attractive balance for them: Provide democracy, maintain their hold on power when they deem necessary, & no islamists.
  • And it would be acceptable to the majority of the people who are fearful of sharia-based government taking over for a war on Israel.
  • So u will have a system that’s secular, that will advance the rights of women & christians, but will not provide equal treatment 2 Islamists
  • So, the question is, if we are democrats, would that be fair? Would we take away some rights from some of us for “the greater good”?
  • It’s conflicting for me, because on one hand I am very much pro individual rights & liberties on very absolutist terms without compromise.
  • But on the same time, I can see a significant majority of the egyptian people wanting it this way. It will make many people comfortable.
  • Which brings us to the question: is supporting democracy means supporting what the majority always want? Or…
  • Or is it supporting the democratic process instead, even if the majority is against it?
  • Let’s flip it: if an islamist government reached power through democratic process pledging to end democracy, should the army stop it?
  • Not to mention the bigger problem: what kind of democracy allows a non-democratic entity the power to revoke democracy as they please?
  • And what if they look at this is a compromise first-step, letting the system exist & then amending it later like Turkey is doing?
  • And this is where my mind comes and goes. I know what I believe in, equal rights for all, until some try to take the rights of others.
  • All I know is: if we were put in this situation, what we choose will forever define us as people. It’s a huge test.
  • A simple solution would be this: No religious parties, but no coup threat. Islamists can join secular parties based on their demands..
  • We don’t take away their right to participate, but we limit what kind of damage they could do to our rights. End of story..
  • Guys, I really wanna thank you for this debate: I presented all sides & concepts of compromise & options i thought off, & u gave me more..
  • In case u never knew this, this is the type of thing that was the purpose of my blog. Present the counter-arguments. Provoke debate.
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