Follow @ShababLibya, pirate radio, Livestream, for news from Libya

A Point of View, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | February 18, 2011 at 11:29

Tweets from the Libyan Youth Movement @ShabaLibya tell the story of mercenaries from Chad being used against the Libyan people. @ChangeInLibya is also on the ground. Between the two of these tweeters, you can connect to what’s happening in Libya and what people all over the world are saying about it. Almost all tweets are in English.

The website has uploaded video, tweets and news updates. There’s an English version. Check it out. You can also follow Livestream with chat – broadcast in Arabic but usually translated in chat in to English: They are trying to communicate with outside world via Skype. The transmission  is intermittent so keep checking back.

This is Radio Benghazi run by protesters Also NEWS from Libya pirate radio station according to @nusibab TUNE IN!!! . This is in Arabic. @ShababLibya  tweets “and history will show the first independent media in Libya for 42 years was a back yard radio station on the 18th feb 2011.”

Who is the Libyan Youth Movement? “We are a group of Libyan Youth both in and out of Libya, we have been inspired by our brothers in Egypt and we will do our best to bring Libya back Inshala
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