Libyan UN Deputy Ambassador tells Gaddafi to step down

A Point of View, Libya, Middle East & North Africa, Politics | | February 21, 2011 at 21:41

Al-Badeshi, Libya’s Deputy Ambassador  to the UN, called today for Gaddafi to step down. He also called for international powers to step in and use every means necessary to stop the genocide in Libya.

He is taking his case to the Security Council and asking for an emergency meeting. He and his delegation – minus the ambassador who has gone missing – are asking for 2 things:

1. no fly-zone over Libya so Gaddafi and his son can’t use the Libyan airforce to bomb their own people.
2. safe passage routes from the border with Tunisia and Egypt for transportation of desperately needed medical supplies.

It was a brilliant tactical move for him to go to the press before submitting his letter of request to the Security Council. It puts extra pressure on the members to act. The problem is that either Russia or China could refuse to play ball – neither one are democratic societies accountable, and therefore influenced by, public opinion at home.

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