Ahmed Kadaf al-Dam, Gaddafi’s cousin, defects to Egypt

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Ahmed Kadaf al-Dam is Gaddafi’s cousin and considered to be one of his staunch supporters. (note: Kadaf is yet another of the multiple ways to transliterate the names of the Qadhafah – Gaddifi family.)

I’d be a lot more impressed if he hadn’t defected to the safety of Egypt rather than stay and fight for the people of Libya. He’s obviously most interested in saving his own skin. Al-Dam still risks being held accountable for his own crimes against humanity perpetrated over the years as one of Gaddafi’s close henchmen.

But no matter what these guys have done in the past, what matters is what they do NOW. If the inner circle doesn’t see a way out, then they will have no choice but to fight to the death.

Al-Dam’s defection to Egypt raises hopes that the inner circle is beginning to crack. Certainly the scared eyes and panicky, angry voice of Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam on Libyan State TV today show a man who has woken up and smelled the coffee. But he’s stuck.  He has no credibility left.

“Believe me! Don’t believe our Arab brothers who have betrayed us.” This plea coming after his earlier TV prediction of “rivers of blood.”

His last recourse is to clean up Tripoli and shepherd journalists around. I doubt there will be much encouragement for side trips. Al Jazeera, of course, is blacklisted. Boy, these autocratic regimes really hate that station. Nothing hurts like the truth.

Will history repeat itself? Hitler went to his bunker after ordering his generals to burn Germany to the ground. His generals headed for the nearest Allies to negotiate a surrender.

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