Gaddafi’s wife Safiya

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Safiya Gaddafi wife #2

Muammar Gaddafi has been married twice. His first wife Fathia Khaled was a schoolteacher. It seems to have been a traditional Libyan marriage, arranged by their families, as it’s reported that they never met until the wedding. The marriage didn’t last long. They separated after six months, but not before Fathia was pregnant with Muhammad al-Gaddafi, Gaddafi’s oldest son.

Safiya Farkas (Kash) Gaddafi is his second and present wife and the mother of six sons and one daughter – all by Gaddafi. They also have one adopted son and one adopted daughter who was killed in the American bombstrike on the family compound.

Safiya is reported to be from the Benghazi area, from a “prominent tribe” Can’t seem to find out which one that is.  I have had an comment that claims that Safiya is “a Libyan originally from east of Libyan city of Ab-Abyada and from a well-known clan called Al Barassi. It is one of the largest in the eastern part of Libya.”

Just for fun, I’ll stir the pot of speculation and report that some claim she is not Libyan at all, but a Bosnian Croat nurse from Mostar! That story says that Gaddafi met Zsofia (her name then) in Tito’s Yugoslavia. Apparently Farkas is not an uncommon name in Croatia and Hungary, and means “wolf” in Magyar (Hungarian). It seems that Bosnia state media ran a story on Safia Farkas Gadhafi on Dec 11 2010. I don’t read South Slavic, so can’t verify.

The official story is that the former nurse and Gaddafi met in a Tripoli hospital where Gaddafi was recuperating from an automobile accident. They fell in love and married in 1970 (some records say 1969) and lived happily ever after. Well – almost anyway. Doesn’t seem to be going so well these days…

Safiya has a reputation, like the rest of the Gaddafi clan, of being a shopaholic. Back in the good days before the Libyan people got cranky and said “enough,” a member of the Embassy staff in Vienna reported that Mrs. Gaddafi and daughter Aisha went on a shopping spree with their cousins every day. “Always … bulging shopping bags like trying to stock up with everything.”

She traveled often to Europe with her entourage of two dozen bodyguards, several women and loads of children. When she traveled in Libya, it was by chartered jet;  a motorcade of Mercedes vehicles waited to pick her up at the airport and whisk her away to her destination. Those days seem over now!

Barbara Walters describes her as a tall, stunning woman which is hard to see from the photo. But her

Safiya Gaddafi posed with a younger Aisha and two sons inside a Bedouin tent erected in the heavily fortified Bab El-Assaria…

children are all tall and good-looking, so we’ll take Barbara’s word on that.

Safiya told Walters, “If my husband was really such a villain, do you think I would have stayed with im until now?”  Duh? The bulging shopping bags tell the whole story.

And where do they get their money for the little shopping forays?

“All of the Kaddafi children and favorites are supposed to have income streams from the National Oil Company and oil service subsidiaries,” one Wikileaks cable from 2006 says.

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