List of Gaddafi Inner Circle for sanctions/asset freeze

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Click here for the official List of Gaddafi Inner Circle singled out for sanctions and asset freeze:
Libya – Sanctions List Min Final


Gaddafi Family:
Muammar Gaddafi
Gaddafi children:
Aisha, Hannibal, Khamis, Mohammed, Mutassim, Saadi, Saif al-Arab, Saif al-Islam.

is the only daughter and former UN Goodwill Ambassador.
Saif al-Islam has taken on the role of the voice of his father to the world. He was educated at the London School of Economics.
Khamis is head of the dreaded Khamis Brigade dedicated to the protection of this father. Might be considered part of Gaddafi’s Praetorian Guard.
Saadi is in charge of security and has led the effort to put down protests.

NOTABLY ABSENT: Gaddafi’s wife Safiya.

THE FOLLOWING ARE NAMES FROM GADDAFI’S INNER CIRCLE: Watch for these names in the news. Many are family members.
There are 4 possibilites for them:
1. can already be dead (assassinated for not toeing the line)
2. can be under house arrest
3. can defect
4. can go down in flames with Gaddafi

Abdul Hafiz: Commander of the Libyan Air Force
Ahmed Kaddaf Al-Dam: Gaddafi’s cousin recently defected to Egypt
Sayyid Kaddaf Al-Dam: Gaddafi’s cousin
Abdullah Al-Magrahi Al-Senussi: Gaddafi’s brother-in-law – Head of Military Intelligence. He is from powerful Magariha Tribe. Been convicted and is wanted in France for bombing of French UTA flight over Niger.
Mohammed Abdussalam: Head of counterterrorism
Abu Shaariya: Internal Security
Al-Barrani Ashkal: Military Intelligence
Omar Ashkal: Revolutionary Committee Council
Abdulqader Mohammed Al-Baghdadi: Revolutionary Committee Council
Abdulqadar Dibri: Head of Gaddafi’s Personal Security
Abu Zayd Umar Dorba: External Security Organization
Abu Bakr Younis Jabir: Defense Minister. Not seen since  uprising began. Speculation that under house arrest.
Matuq Mohmamed Matuq: Secretary for Utilities

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